This robust 6 metres single propeller Tugboat, designed and built in the Netherlands, can be transported with the easiness of a standard 20 ft container - throughout the world. This provides optimal flexibility for operators. The 1200 kg bollard pull, its large deck space and high-manoeuvrability make the ContainerTug an all round tow-, tug, and support vessel that can follow you wherever work is to be done.



BEN3D b.v. Naval Architecture and OSO Shipbuilding Werkendam present a new small Tug standard: the ContainerTug 600S, the tug that can be transported as a 20 ft container.











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This boat is not tied to just one deployment area. Its container size dimensions and integrated corner fittings make it transportable in an identical way as for a normal 20 ft container: by road, by train or by ship. This provides you a great commercial scope.

Standard is a Volvo Penta commonrail D5 [121 HP] or a Doosan L066TI [180 HP] engine connected to a 28 inch fixed pitch propeller. The large rudder area provides manoeuvrability under all conditions.

The aluminium top part of the wheelhouse can simply be removed and can easily be stored on the aft deck and your tug is ready to be transported as a 20ft container!

All specifications and standard features are subject to change. Please contact us for more details.
The vessel can be delivered with a Bureau Veritas class notation and a CSC container certificate.